In an oddly and appropriately eerie, plastic shopping mall in a decadent, unsustainable metropolis which stands for everything that speculative writers attribute to the causes for our downfall, I came across this gem of a novel: Perdido Street Station by China Mieville.  Now five chapters in after one sitting, I am entirely ensconced in this dystopic steampunk epic about humans, mutants and insects living in some bizarrely opulent, and completely rundown metropolis in a place far, far away in a time long, long from now.  Without any knowledge of the unfolding plot to come, I can safely say this is a journey I will enjoy.  A ride through the mind of someone with a uniquely deluded imagination who is able to illustrate his vision with such awesome literary panache.  Already I’ve encountered human/bug sex, frog-men living in bathtubs, forbidden science experiments featuring a giant, talking, humanoid kestrel and a tour through the ominous, chimneyed streets of a smoky, conical city.  All this written in a manner that can conjure such imagery in the mind as if the reader were acting as the protagonist of an award winning computer role playing game.  It’s with no hesitation that I recommend this novel, yet only 1/32 of the way through.  -I

This post is posted on Wednesday 19 October 2011.
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